Chapter 1.4 The Circle of Life

Hi everybody! Sorry it’s been such a long time since the last chapter, not had time to play sims plus I was working on getting generation one of the Mendoza’s finished as well as trying to find the time for the AAT course I started recently.

I am going to have to start this chapter on a sad note.  Maddie who you may remember from the prologue chapters has passed on.  I got this message not long into my last play session.  Seems like the party might have been too much for her.

Maddie death

Last time I introduced you briefly to a new family member, little Clover. This is him as a toddler, isn’t he cute.


Also I have a suspicion there might be another addition if Scarlet’s behavior in the bathroom is anything to go by.


Scarlet: Bleaugh! Move along, Bleaugh, nothing to see here, Bleaugh

Yup your definitely pregnant


Scarlet: Nope just too many of these, not pregnant, definitely not.

You’re fooling no one sweetie.

Blossom meanwhile is proving to be a valuable member of the family, she cleans without having to be asked.


Blossom: Just happy to help

Sure, this has nothing to do with who gets the heir title.

Blossom: Nope, just want to help mum out now that there’s another baby on the way



The garden is not being negleted, Edwin has taken to looking after it.  It helps build his gardening skill which he needs for his next promotion

Edwin: Plus it’s quieter out here

To take her mind of her possible pregnancy Scarlet decides to potty train Clover


Clover: heh, heh, I’m a little stinker

Scarlet: That’s it, Mr. Potty wants your poop.

Clover: What does Mr. Potty do with my poop mummy?

Scarlet: He eats it.

Clover: o_O


Scarlet: There, that wasn’t so hard was it.

It is really creepy when toddlers do this.  We have a demon child

Clover: I is normal


Awww sibling bonding.  how sweet

Blossom: I just want to be in more than one photo.


Scarlet: *pop* how lovely, i’m having a baby.

You didn’t sound that thrilled earlier.

Anyway while Scarlet is getting used to being pregnant Blossom was invited to a friends house after school.  That freind was Alfonso Winterton, son of Jake and Francine.  (Jake is Nina’s brother).


Blossom: Hi Aunt Francine. Thanks for the bike helmet.

Francine: That’s ok, sorry I couldn’t come to your party.


Back at home Clover finally completes his potty training.

Clover: I never want to use that thing again.

Scarlet: Don’t worry sweetie, it’s your birthday soon.

Which is good because child number three is on it’s way


Scarlet: oooh that hurts! Edwin the baby’s coming

Edwin: That’s nice dear, let me know how that goes.

Ooh that lighting is really nice in this picture


Scarlet: Fat lot of good you are, I’ll just take the baby inside, on my own, having only just given birth.

This by the way is Azami (A Japanese flower I think) she is a Brave Virtuoso


Scarlet: Here we go baby, your own room.

Clover: Hello, what about me?

Scarlet: Don’t worry sweetie it’s your birthday.


Clover: Cake


The whole family came to cheer him on. Well except Azami but you can forgive her as she is just a baby.


And here he is all grown up.  His third trait is perfectionist.

Clover: And I look it.

I disagree, to the dresser.


There much better.

Clover: your the boss.

And don’t you forget it mister.

Ok moving on to the next birthday.  It’s Blossom’s turn.


Blossom: I wish mum & dad would get rid of those trumpet things.

Yeah, never gonna happen.


And here she is all grown up.  She looks ok but needs a little help


There much better, she’s so pretty.  Her new trait is Family Orientated.

Finally it’s Azami’s turn.  Time to release her from the cocoon


Galcien the Gnome: This one shall be mine. Mwa ha ha ha!

Edwin: Honey, I think the gnome talked.

Scarlet: Don’t be silly gnomes can’t talk


Here is little Azami, I hope she grows into that face.

Come back next time to find out that and more.  I will try not to make it so long next time. For now I will leave you with Scarlet striding across the garden like a pro


You look like your practicing for Britain’s Next top model.

Scarlet: Do you think I have a chance?

Um, no


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