Chapter 1.3 Like a Robot

So I finally have time to get another chapter done.  Things have been a bit busy lately and not had time for sims.  Teddy (my kitten) is now nearly 5 months and is being a right pain as I write this.  It’s typical, the one time I find to sit down and get this done is the time he decides to get into everything he isn’t supposed to.  He is adorable though so I forgive him.

We are not here to talk about Teddy though.  It’s time to see what Scarlet and her new family are have been up to.  Last time Scarlet left Blossom with Eddie and ventured through a mysterious portal to the future where she met and married Edwin.  They returned to Monte Vista together and it’s time to introduce Edwin to the family.

This means of course visiting Scarlet’s parents and grandmother.  Did I mention I love their house. Personally I think it is one of the better pre-made houses.

Monte  (211)

Scarlet: Well this is it, you coming honey?

Edwin: Can I phone home?

When they got there only Maddie and a random baby were home. I forget the baby’s name but he is the son of Lilian.

Monte  (218)

Maddie: Little Blossom is getting big.

Scarlet: Yes, we’re having a party for her birthday, I hope you can make it. So who’s the kid?

Maddie: This is Lilian’s son, I’m babysitting while she is working.

Monte  (220)

With introductions made and small talk over Scarlet & Edwin headed home.  With a growing family and Scarlet’s wish for more children they agree a move is in order.  Scarlet finds a plot of land online that is within their budget and they buy it.

Monte  (223)

This is the plot they bought.  It was raining when they got there but weirdly Eddie didn’t short out.  Maybe these new bots don’t do that?

Monte  (228)

This is the reason I chose this spot.  Look at that view, what I would give to have a view like that.  All I see is flat fields and the next village, plus a small field where the neighbours exercise their dogs.


This is the house that I built for them.  I will try and make the outside space look a little less sparse at some point but I think the house looks ok.


This is the ground floor with living space, a kitchen/diner, bathroom, a bedroom for Blossom when she grows up and a nursery.


This is the first floor which currently only has the master bedroom and bathroom.  I think the plot gives just enough room for the family but has room for expansion should it be needed. Also in the pictures you can see a glimpse of Eddie’s garden which consists entirely of tomatoes.

Eddie: There is nothing wrong with tomatoes

With the family settled in normal family life goes on.  I got one of these playpens for Blossom, it is amazing! The kids actually learn talking faster than if an adult had taught them, I don’t know why I didn’t get this sooner.


Isn’t she adorable.

Blossom: and I know it!


Here is a better look at the kitchen/diner as well as Edwin with is improved hair.

Edwin: Bot mode activate

Oh yes, I haven’t tried that out yet. Well lets give it a whirl


Well that’s different.  Can’t say I’ve seen many men willing to walk around wearing boxes with little pink hearts on before.

Edwinbot: beep, boop

Besides looking cool there are no other affects from doing this.  It does remind of a character from Time Splitters: Future Perfect called Robot One-Oh-Seven. There is more than a just a little similarity between the two.

Sorry for the quality of the picture it was the best I could find.

R one oh seven

Anyway I have a party to prepare for.  I decided since it is still summer in game that they should hold the party in the garden.  I created a little area for the occasion. Pretty good huh


You can see Eddie in this picture using the drafting table I got him as I didn’t have anything else for him to do.


As evening fell the guests started to arrive.  First were Scarlet’s brothers, Shawn and Phoenix.


Richard turned up looking like this.  He recently aged up to an elder.  I took pity on him and gave him a makeover


There, much betterScreenshot-21

Shawn brought his wife Paola Romano to the party who looks to be heavily pregnant.  I have a bad feeling about this.

Paola: Point me to the nearest chair, my back is killing me.


Phoenix still has his guitar in his pockets and he whipped it out to entertain everyone.

Scarlet: I’d like to know where he was hiding that!

You and me both, I never tire of seeing sims pull things out if their butt pockets that would physically be too big in reality.


Anyway time to get to the main event.  A few guests managed to focus. Oh and I gave Edwin a new outfit.Screenshot-28

Blossom: Mummy is that lady sick?

Scarlet: Don’t worry sweetie, I won’t let her ruin your big day.  Mummy’s big green diamond will see to that.

Edwin: This is one for the album.



Shawn: But there’s a buffet.

Paola: NOW!!!

Paola then proceeded to waddle to the kerb and waited for Shawn to finish his food before he took her the hospital.  You got to love sims and their mixed up priorities.


Blossom: Hey, I’m growing up over here!


She grew up looking cute.  I radomised her trait and she got Genius

Blossom: The sparkles give me power.

That’s sweet. Now inside, you need a makeoverScreenshot-44

There much better, now everyone can see how pretty you are.


I also found Nina looking hideous so I made her over.  She is now a Glamorous Granny!

Nina: I feel so old.

You’re welcome.

Despite all the drama the party was rated as amazing.  That’s about it but there is one more thing.  After the party Scarlet adopted a new baby.  This time it’s a boy and his name is Clover. His traits are loves the outdoors and virtuoso


Edwin: Scarlet, is there something you forgot to tell me?


Edwin: Hi there little guy, aren’t you the cutest little thing.


While Edwin was looking after the new baby Scarlet and Eddie were in Blossom’s bedroom chatting.  I leave them on auto for a moment and Eddie decides it is acceptable to flirt with Scarlet.

Scarlet: Eddie what are you doing? You don’t even have the romance chip installed.

After that I decide it’s time for Eddie to move out. Since moving out Eddie got a job as a photographer and found love with Georgia Giordano.  I also got a pop up saying Nina and Richard broke up.  I guess that grumpy trait really kicked in after the party.


Well that’s all for now.  I will try not to leave it so long to the next chapter.  As always thanks for reading


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