Chapter 1.2 Into the Oasis

Hi hope everyone had a good time over the festive season.  I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy new year.  Here’s hoping it’s a good one!  I thought the fireworks in London were really good this year, so glad they didn’t choose that damn fox song that would have totally ruined it.


Previously Scarlet left home with Eddie in tow to start the legacy.  She moved into a beautiful little home in Monte Vista and adopted her first child, Blossom.  We left Scarlet as she was about to enter the portal and travel to the future.  The first picture is just to show how beautiful Oasis Landing is.

Note: Initial boring pre portal jump part not shown.

Screenshot-69 Screenshot-71

Scarlet: I think something went wrong in there, these aren’t the clothes I entered with.

Yeah, about that.  You see the game crashed just as I sent her through the portal the first time and we had to do it over.


Scarlet: This place is AMAZING! I forgive you for not remembering what outfit I was wearing before.  I do seem to have lost my hat though.


The first person Scarlet meets when exiting the portal is Emit Relevart (which reads as Time Traveler in reverse, neat).  He serves as a guide as you explore the future and offers his house for you to use. I have discovered Emit can not be married or have any romantic interactions performed on him, which I find weird.

You can offer to help with his research though.  (make sure the last of the three opportunity slots is free first). This sends you on a series of small quests which I assume are designed to get you used to all the different locations and actions here.


The first place Scarlet is sent is this place, I can’t remember the name but it is a kind of futuristic shopping centre (or mall if you’re American!). Scarlet has been asked to go here to purchase a new outfit, she is not going to turn that down.


Scarlet: Wow, they certainly like minimalism.

OK so to purchase a new outfit you have to click on one of these model thingys.  I don’t think I would do this if it wasn’t an opportunity as you are essentially paying to go into the same screen you can get to from any dresser for FREE!!


Anyway this is the outfit I chose for Scarlet, it is one of the more usable outfits that come with the expansion pack.

Scarlet: I look hot!

Yes, now go visit the bot emporium.


Scarlet: This place is great! Wait who’s that?

The bot emporium has pretty much a similar set up to the consignment store and elixer shop plus those nifty devices you can see dotted around the background that allow you to purchase plumbots.

Scarlet is here to get some more stuff for her bot building.  I may put one of these in Monte Vista to make things easier.

Scarlet: Never mind all that, who’s that guy over there?

That is Edwin Archibilt and just so you know the blonde woman is his romantic interest.  I believe her name is Cassandre Chandelace.

Scarlet: I’m not worried about her, they aren’t in a steady relationship so he’s far game right?

Um, sure go get him!


Scarlet: Hi, I’m Scarlet. I’m sort of new here.

Edwin: Nice meeting you, I’m Edwin.  I saw the portal over at Emit’s place activate, was that you?

Scarlet: Yep that was me, I’m a time traveller.

Edwin: That’s cool, I’d love to travel in time!


Scarlet: Maybe you could come back with me and we could party at my place.

Edwin: *nervous giggle*

Wow, you don’t waste any time do you


Cassandre: Edwin honey, why is she hitting on you.

Edwin: Cassie calm down, it’s nothing really.

Scarlet: Don’t marry her, have me


Scarlet decides that as things are going so well she would try for a kiss.  Edwin however is not so keen.

Edwin: Sorry, I can’t.  I don’t want to make Cassie any more angry.


Scarlet: OK, that’s fine.  Just friends then?

Edwin: Just friends.

Cassandre: That’s right missy, back off.  He’s mine.

Monte  (7)

Scarlet: Maybe one of these futuristic drinks will take my mind of Edwin.

Maybe plus it’s also the next task from Emit so two birds with one stone.

Teen: OMG a celeb! Photo op!

Man: Do you have to photograph EVERYONE! I am beginning to wish I never got you that damn thing!

Monte  (9)

Scarlet: Ahhh that’s good!

Uh you might want to drink faster, trouble’s coming.

Scarlet: It’s her from the bot store isn’t it, she followed me.

Cassie: I will not have my Edwin be friends with her.

Yup, I suggest you leave fast.

Monte  (124)

Scarlet heads back to Emit’s place to fulfil some needs and manages to get on the wrong side of one of the robots in the kitchen area.

Not entirely sure how it started.

Monte  (127) Monte  (129)

She wiped the floor with him.

Scarlet: Don’t mess with me again!

Monte  (130)

I discovered this neat hover board lying around so I thought I would have Scarlet test it out.

Scarlet: I’m not sure about this thing.

Monte  (132)

Brownhairedguy: Hey girl, nice moves.

Scarlet: He’s cute.

He’s also taken.

Monte  (135)

Scarlet: This doesn’t feel stable.

Relax you’re doing fine

Monte  (139)

Scarlet: Hey I think I got this!

Don’t get cocky

Monte  (140)

Scarlet: Ow! I need to work on stopping.

Sorry for the walls down in these last pics.

Scarlet then decides to give Edwin another shot and calls him to ask him on a date that evening in one of the small parks.  He accepts.

Monte  (10)

Scarlet: Edwin, I’m so glad you came.  I hope this is ok. The movie theatre was closed?

Edwin: It’s perfect. It’s nice to get away from Cassie.  She can be so intense.

Monte  (12)

Edwin: I don’t really watch movies, I prefer the HoloVenture Theatre.

Scarlet: Yeah, I went there earlier. Weird place

Monte  (13)

I spammed the romantic interations to increase their relationship.  Things seem to be going well.

Monte  (17)

Scarlet: How about that kiss now.

Edwin: OK

Monte  (18)

Paparazzi robot: That crazy lady will pay me extra for this.

Stop ruining the moment

Monte  (19)

Scarlet: So er, you want to be my boyfriend.

Edwin: Sure, me and Cassie aren’t going anywhere and frankly she scares me

Monte  (21)

You again! get out of my pictures.  What is with that pattern anyway?

Monte  (23)

Scarlet: While we are in this romantic setting how about we take things to the next level.

Edwin: What do you mean?

Monte  (27)

Scarlet: I know we have only known each other a couple of days and only been romantically involved for one evening but I don’t want to be with anyone else.  Marry me Edwin.

Edwin: *Squeal* YES!

Monte  (39)

Scarlet: Then I give you this ring as a sign of our commitment.

Edwin: I like the laser flare.

Monte  (46)

Edwin: It’s burning my hand but I don’t care, I’m so happy!!

Scarlet: Don’t worry it will disappear soon enough

Monte  (68)

Look a nice moment that isn’t ruined by the cowbot. Lets take a moment to relish in Scarlet & Edwin’s happiness.

Monte  (83)

Scarlet: So you want to have the wedding here?  I don’t see the point it waiting when the setting is so right.

Monte  (84)

Edwin: This is all happening so fast.

Monte  (87) Monte  (97)

And so Edwin Archibilt become Edwin Winterton.  He will get a proper introduction next time.  To celebrate their wedding the couple head over the place they first met, the bot emporium.

Monte  (141)

It was here that I discover that sims could woohoo in the bot building thing.

Monte  (146)

So naturally I thought it was the best way for them to ‘celebrate’ ; )

Edwin: I’m going to get jiggy in the eggy

Monte  (159) Monte  (187)

Edwin: Heh heh, I just did it in the big egg.

Scarlet: Wow, I picked a good one.

Monte  (189)

Scarlet: My first woohoo was in the very thing I grew up using. That is so romantic.

You have a strange idea of romance.

Monte  (192)

It was then that Edwin pulled this thing out.  It is like a virtual pet. I renamed him Kirby because of his pinkness.  This little guy below is the real Kirby.  He stars in his own series of games on Nintendo consoles and also appears in the smash bros games.


Monte  (193)

Edwin really likes Kirby.  I like this cute thing were they can walk around with the pet bobbing along beside them.

Brownhairedguy: I can’t believe she chose him over me!

Monte  (195)

The reason the two of them are back at Emit’s place is that the trip is over and they are heading back to Monte Vista.  Scarlet had a little accident in the holotube.  I am so glad I managed to get this shot!

Scarlet: Yeah, thanks for capturing my graceful landing.

No problem. 😀

Monte  (198)

Join us next time where we will be back in Monte Vista.  Many things will happen including introductions, A party, and much more.


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