Chapter 1.1 And so it begins

So, here we are at last.  This is officially the start of the Adoptacy. So excited to finally get started!

Previously Eddie joined the family and Scarlet grew up. I made the decision to move her to a new town (with family in tow).  I chose to send them to Monte Vista but after recently downloading Sunlit Tides I am doubting my decision but lets just roll with it. They may move to Sunlit Tides later on in the legacy.

Right, lets get this thing started.  Did I mention I love Monte Vista!

Screenshot-25 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-27

It has to be one of my favourite neighbourhoods, it’s just so beautiful!

This is the house I moved the family into. Screenshot-6

It is a large house near the festival grounds.  It is really nice.  I would take the the time to remodel it but since Scarlet will be moving out pretty much straight away I won’t bother.

It’s sad that I won’t be controlling them anymore. I hope story progression is kind to them.


Nina: I didn’t get to give you this before the move.  It’s your birthday present and a few things you might need to get you started.

Rembrant: I don’t feel so good


Scarlet: This is actually heavier than it looks, what’s in here.

Nina: Oh nothing much just a few bits and bobs.  Which reminds me I brought you a house. No daughter of mine is living in a field!

Scarlet: Mum you didn’t have to do that.

Rembrant: I feel like I should be in a salvador dali painting.

Maya & Richard: *trying there hardest to ignore Rembrant*

That is creepy


The outfit Scarlet grew up in just wasn’t working for me so before she moved out I gave her a makeover.

Scarlet: Time to move on, I will miss this place

You literally just moved in.


Nina (from behind the door): *sob* My baby girl is all grown up and moving out.  I feel so old.

Scarlet: Come on Eddie, time to go!!

As a last minute decision I decided to let her take Eddie with her.  He may prove useful for her LTW. Plus I am interested to learn more about what these new bots can do.


Richard: I’m going to miss you Eddie, take care of Scarlet OK

(translation: Bugger who’s going to do the housework now?)

Eddie: Will do, Mr Winterton Sir

Sam: Lets see what the ladies are like here.  (he can be seen in the window to the left of Richard.)

Ok enough goodbyes, lets have a look at Scarlet’s new home.


This is the only picture I have at the moment.  I haven’t had the time to give the place a makeover yet.  Although I don’t know how long she will live here.  I kind of want her to adopt a few kids and this place doesn’t have much room for expansion

Scarlet: Those grey plants can go

Jogger: Hey pretty lady

As you can see the house has it’s own little garden.  It is hard to find a house that DOESN’T have a pre made garden in Monte Vista.


Scarlet: Nice, got to go. Time to graduate

I am beginning to hate graduation.  It seems so pointless to me.  Nice hat though

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34

Even in that silly hat she is still pretty, I am so jealous. Here are her graduation results. For once it’s pretty much spot on.

Scarlet graduation

After graduation finished Scarlet was hungry so I sent her to a nearby cafe. I love her expressions when using the pizza oven 


Scarlet: This place sucks, what kind of cafe makes you prepare your own food.

I think you’re doing quite well there. Plus you will have a family to look after soon, cooking will be a good skill to have.

Scarlet: I have a robot for that.

Eddie is not your personal slave.

Scarlet: Then why is he here?


I was hoping there would be some single guys here but the only person that showed up was Maddie.  This challenge does not require a partner to start producing kids but I would like Scarlet to have at least one of her own.

Scarlet: Hi grandma

Maddie: Hi sweetie, how do you like the house? Are you coping ok, do you need anything?

Scarlet: Well…

Scarlet no, you are supposed to be doing this alone.

Scarlet: But you let me keep Eddie

A decision I can still overturn. Now stop being such a madam and go home.

Scarlet: *pouts*


Back home I notice the garden is already ripe for harvesting.  So a quick change  (I prefer this outfit) and Scarlet is set to work.

Scarlet: I have a robot that can do this kind of work. What if I break a nail!

He doesn’t have the gardener chip plus you’re the founder so you get to do it.  Your grandmother had a pretty good garden going on back in Starlight Shores, It was her grandmother that started it I believe. (I miss that house 😦 )

Scarlet: Fine. *grumbles*


I leave her alone for a minute while I get Eddie sorted, when I come back she is doing this with the sprinkler she got as gift.

Scarlet: Ha ha this is so much better than gardening!

That night I decide Scarlet needs some responsibility to try and make her behave more grown up.  It’s time to adopt the first baby.


Scarlet: Hi, I’d like to adopt a child, do you have any pretty ones?


Scarlet: What? If I have to adopt I don’t want no ugly baby.


Scarlet: What do you mean that’s not very nice? Just give me a baby!

Would it kill you to be nice.


Social Worker: Uh, hi just letting myself in to drop your new baby off.  I’ll just put it down here on the cold hard floor.


Scarlet: What’s in here? kittens?


Scarlet: Oh It’s a baby!

Well done Sherlock.

Scarlet: It doesn’t do much *bored of baby already* I wish it had been a kitten.

How about we age it up.


Eddie: Yay birthday!

Yeah, like most I find the baby stage boring so I decided to release her from the cocoon.


Scarlet: Grow up pretty.

Baby: *Suffocates in armpit*



Every sim does that crossed eye thing when they grow up, I think it must be a painful experience.

Hmm, that hair isn’t working


There you go, much better.  This is Blossom, she is an easily impressed loner who likes Classical music, Tofu dogs and the colour Violet. She’s so cute. ❤

The naming scheme for this generation is plants & flowers.


Scarlet is soon distracted by the mysterious portal though.  It’s time to explore the future.

Scarlet: I’m not sure this is a good idea.  Will Eddie be ok looking after Blossom?

Don’t worry time will freeze while you are gone. It will be like you never left.

Scarlet: Cool! *jumps in portal*

And so ends Scarlet’s week in Monte Vista.  Next time we will follow Scarlet’s journey into the future.   Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1 And so it begins

  1. This is so much fun, I haven’t read an Adoptacy before. Sounds like fun! And we can still see the genetics passed down through the heir’s biological child, so it works.

    Scarlet is funny, always wanting Eddie to do stuff for her. I haven’t played with Plumbots much myself, though I really should. In house maid and gardener sounds excellent!

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