Chapter 0.5 Party in my Pants

Welcome to the last chapter of the prologue.  After this Scarlet’s family will not appear as much.  If you really like them and want them in your game check out the download page. Scarlet will be available for download here soon.


Shawn: Hi, just getting my groove on

In your pants?

Shawn: Why not?

Because you live with your parents and GRANDMOTHER

Shawn: *ignores* *sings* Just having a party in my pants



With her life bar full I let Maddie retire and do whatever she wants.  Turns out she wanted to learn to play the piano.  All three cats joined her and yowled along.  It was funny at first but noise got a bit much.

Maddie: They’re my backing singers.

Is your hearing aid on??

After leaving the piano she witnessed Shawn dancing in his pants and decided this was the best way to respond


Maddie: Must erase mental image.

She drank a whole bottle of nectar. XD

Of course with Sam & Shawn becoming Young adults it’s graduation time, again.

twin grad1

Shawn: Can’t I go back home and dance

Maddie: NO

Sam: I wonder if I will have to give a speech

Nina: Rich honey, what’s that smell?

Richard (thinking): Does she really want me to answer that?

I wouldn’t

Sam graduationShawn graduation

twin grad 2


Shawn: Well back home to dance.

Make sure you keep your clothes on this time.

As you can probably tell in the above picture winter is finally over.  With the arrival of spring comes a new toy.  It’s a bot building thingamajig. Bot building is one of the new skills from the latest and sadly last expansion pack Into the Future.  I am interested in exploring it and plan to have Scarlet do a related LTW

bot skill 2

Scarlet is the one to make most use of the machine which I think resembles an easter egg and quickly built up the skill.  When she reached level 2 I was informed that she could now build plumbots.  I notice that there is room in the house so I built one.

Scarlet: I feel like someone’s watching me.

Paparazzi: *creepily stares*

eddie is born 1

The paparazzi is now a zombie and still she stares.  I think she is becoming a stalker she is the only paparazzi the family get.

eddie is born 2

Eddie: Wow I have arms!

And that is how Eddie joined the family.  Do you like the paint job I gave him.  While making him in CAB (create a bot) I noticed that some of the parts available resemble the Servos from Sims 2.  Nice touch EA!

With Scarlet’s low skill level Eddie has the weakest strength setting but this can be improved with tune ups.

Eddie: How may I be of service?

Fortunatly sims are not repulsed by the sight of Plumbots with is thankful.  I hated that with Simbots.  The family actually really like Eddie.  Richard taught him ‘Ping & his Checkers’  It is fun to hear it in Eddie’s robotic voice.

The Plumbots voices sound like normal sim voices but robotised, it makes for a more pleasant vocal experience.richard & Eddie

The only Trait chip Eddie has at the moment is robot cleaner.  He spends most of his time raking all the leaves from the garden.  He is like a Duracell bunny and just keeps going.  He has been out there for 3 sim days now just raking leaves!


Plumbots can easily be used in place of the maid, repairman and babysitters due to the relevant trait chips and could be really handy for households with limited funds.  Win Win!

I can see this family getting lazy with chores.

Maddie has been magically upgrading everything in sight and has learnt the Pestilence curse which I just had to try out on poor Richard.

spell cast 1

Richard: This won’t hurt will it?

spell cast 2

Richard: *cough* crazy old bat *cough*

The curse made him really sick and I was tempted to leave it and see if it would kill him. However the curse acts like a plague and infected the whole house.  Luckily Maddie also learnt the Sunlight Charm and made everyone better.

One last family shot before Scarlet grows up.  Look at all those progress bars.  Spot the sim who isn’t studying


Maddie: I know all I need to know.

She has maxed out about 5 skills!! Cooking, Guitar and some others I can’t remember.

And now, it’s BIRTHDAY TIME!



Scarlet: Put some clothes on bro.

Richard:  I did not need to see that.

Screenshot-48 Screenshot-52

Look at Shawn’s face, makes you wonder what Sam’s doing back there.

Scarlet: I’d rather not know.

Doesn’t she look pretty.  She got an A in school so I got to choose the final trait.  I gave her bot fan and LTW more than a machine.

I have to end it here but next time will be the beginning of Scarlet’s journey.  I am as yet undecided whether to move her into a lot in Moonlight falls or move to a new town.  join me next time to find out.


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