Chapter 0.4 Party time!

Last time the family moved to a new house, Phoenix graduated and moved out.  Since moving he has found love with Bailey Swain and the two are now married.  He wasn’t gone for long though as the whole family were invited to a gift giving party on snowflake day.

xmas party 2

It’s nice to see them all in one place again.

Phoenix: Told you I would return


xmas party 4

The actual gift bit was a mess.  Everyone wanted the same seats and ended up standing around for a lot of the time.  You will notice that despite Vito being an elder he still has his red hair when in werewolf mode.

Despite this everyone loved the party and this was the end result (without help from LTR)

killer party

Pretty good huh?

After the party Scarlet decided to start using her new witchy powers.  I think she is finding it hard at the moment though.

Scaret witch

Scarlet: Magic hurts.

I weep for future generations.

Shawn has had better luck with the telescope.  While searching the galaxy he saw a meteroite fall.  It proved to be a good find.mine

Shawn: Mine! *puts in pocket*

How does that even work?!


WOW! well done Shawn!

Shawn: Never doubt my greatness

Elsewhere life goes on.  Nina writes while Scarlet studies & Maddie & Richard set about upgrading everything they can.

richard exists office upgrade

Isn’t the house lovely.  I love the little office/snug room.  This is why Richard barely appears in updates.  Upgrading is pretty much all he does currently, when spring comes he may start on a new garden but generally he is boring.

Of course with a large family birthdays are never far away. This time it is the turn of the twins Sam & Shawn to become young adults.

sam & Shawn b-day 2

Nina: YAAAAY!!!!! BIRTHDAY!!!!

Sam: Awesome

Rembrant: cake

sam & shawn b-day 3

Shawn: This is good, right?

shawn YA

Shawn didn’t really change much.

Shawn: I think I have sparkles in odd places

Nina: WOO HOO!!

My goodness look how wide her mouth is!!! :0  Look cute cat slippers.

sam & Shawn b-day 6

Sam: My butt feels warm

Nina: OMG my son is being eaten by the sparkles! YAAY!

sam YA

Sam: Hey I look good.

Nina really needs to calm down, she is getting way to exited over this.

I think Shawn rolled green thumb and Sam got Vegetarian. (might be other way round)   I did find it cute that they both got plant related traits.

After growing up Sam decided to paint…in his PJs.  He needs this skill for his new job in the police.  Shawn has joined the medical career.

paint 1

Er, nice picture.

Sam: Every great artist has to start somewhere.

Do you have to do it topless though?

Sam: I don’t see you making me cover up oh great watcher.

I was um *cough* busy elsewhere.

That’s all for now.  Scarlet is currently 7 game days away from YA so I hope to only have another one maybe two chapters more of the prologue before Scarlet leaves the family home.  I shall leave you with the cats ongoing obsession for cake.  You can see Scarlet’s new look here.  You will see more of that next time.

cats want cake

Rembrant: Cake

Dink: Cake…wait a minute is that an empty plate.  Must. react. neutrally.


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