Chapter 0.3 Winter is Pretty

Hi, thanks for coming back, last time the family glitched so a house move was needed.  The new house is directly opposite the old one so the family just walked across the road to the new one.  It was one of the best things I’ve seen in sims for a while. It could only have been better if they had all pilled into a car and done a u-turn in the road to get there.

This is the new house. I have to say it is one of the better pre-made houses and didn’t need much doing to make it liveable.  Notice the lack of landscaping.

Paparazzi: Yay, mysterious portal! maybe the Doctor will come through.

Have you even seen doctor who? Does that look like a TARDIS to you?


This is the ground floor with large open plan living/kitchen and dining area.  separate study, a gym, a couple of bathrooms and Maddie’s bedroom.


The first floor has the rest of the bedrooms, more bathrooms plus an large hall/living area for activities and stuff (and kitty bathroom)Screenshot-14

Nice huh? huh?

Ok moving on, lots to get through.   I should probably explain the portal, I have got Into the Future.   The first thing that happens when you load a family after installing is the portal appears in front of the house or in a nearby lot.  This allows sims to travel to the future which is really cool. They can meet their descendants, fly around on jet packs and build or buy simbots.  I will explore this more in future chapters.


Rembrant: That’s nice but feed me please.

Paparazzi: *continuously stares at portal*

That is all she did while she was on the lot.

Anyway I sent Sam over to one of the spares houses.  Lilian was the only one home at that time and he soon left to go to work.


Sam: Hi strangely dressed relative I haven’t met before.

Lilian: Hi blue haired relative who was unknown to me till now.

If Idris had died before having Maddie had been born her younger sisiter Imogen would have taken over as heir and Lilian or her twin sister Linda could have been the heir instead of Nina.

This is their house by the way.  Isn’t winter in the sims just beautiful. Look I actually landscaped this one, a little.


The next day is Phoenix and Scarlet’s birthday.  No party, just a quiet family affair.


Phoenix: Hey squirt!

Scarlet: Your cake looks bigger than mine, no fair!!!


Phoenix: Yay I’m going be a grown up.

Scarlet: That remains to be seen


Phoenix: um…wait I changed my mind.

Too late


Phoenix: Cake now!!

What in plumbob’s name is that on your head! He grew up with Clumsy locked in

Phoenix: The shame.

Scarlet: My turn, pay attention to me now!


Scarlet: I am one with the sparkles

Rembrant: Can I haz cake now


Rembrant: Cake, please?

She grew up in the same hairstyle Nina had as a teen and looks a lot like her with it.   Because of poor grades (curse you snow days!) she grew up with good sense of humour locked in.  makeover time!


That will do for now, you can have a proper makeover when I have time. I was going to dress her in her fav colour but I forgot what it was.

Scarlet: What about this room, it’s a bit girly for my taste.

You can have Phoenix’s room when he leaves.

Scarlet: Works for me, when does he leave.


Of course Phoenix growing up to YA means graduation. Since I live in England the process of graduating from high school seems so alien to me.

Sam: OMG my family are celebrities! I have to take a picture

Richard: That is not my son.


Shawn: I hate this suit.

Nina: nonsense you look very handsome sweetie


Shawn: Graduation sucks! I shall build snowman instead. (He built two)


Phoenix: Yeah go me! I rock!

Sam: Is that a child passed out in the snow? (slightly hidden be Phoenix)

That is the saddest thing.

phoenix grad results

Anyway Phoenix graduated with Honor and was voted Most likely to Save the world. Can’t see that happening.

Phoenix: I shall save the world with my music

You might want to get better at it first.


I gave him a makeover, got him a job in music and moved him out to a lovely big house. No one even bothered to stop and wave him off.

Phoenix: I shall return

Ganondorf our evil gnome is seen near the front door trying to scare the paparazzi away.  I forget how I got him.  For those who have for whatever reason have never heard of or played The Legend of Zelda series (shame on you) he is named after the main baddie from the games.  Look how menacing he is.


Now for more kitty cuteness.  Next time there will be a party and other stuff will happen.

Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56


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