Chapter 0.2 Show Time!

Welcome back, I would like to start off with the good news that thanks to my amazing boyfriend and his computer skills I was able to access an earlier save file and extract the extended family! Yay!! I have nearly all of them saved in the simbin (as I like to call it) ready to be added to the current save.  I will add their pics and details to the family pages but here is Scarlet’s grandfather, Vito Winterton who gave her the red hair. He is part of the Best family from Starlight Shores.  I think he was the unborn child Catherine Best is pregnant with when you first load a game in Starlight Shores.  He and Maddie are now divorced after Vito had an affair with one of Nina’s uni friends, Betty. The two are now married. For more info on the Best family look here

He is now an elder so if he appears at any time he will look different. Oh and he’s a werewolf.


Vito: Hi!

Quiet you!

Right, moving on.  There has been a lot going on in the Winterton household recently

Activity room

Nina, pictured here in her cool workout outfit (part of the movie stuff pack) has now completed her LTW. woot!  In the background Phoenix is autonomously playing the piano in an halloween costume. (it was the fall festival when these pics were taken and I like dressing them up for no real reason). This is fine as it counts towards his LTW of One sim band.  Sam (in the cowplant costume) is playing chess with himself, Scarlet was playing against him but the music distracted her.  Shawn has just come out of the time machine, he got a cool caveman outfit.  He went straight upstairs to use the telescope.

Caveman Shawn

He also decided to change into the caveman outfit to do this.

Shawn: I rock this!

Maybe you would if you had some muscles to show off.


Think I may have hit a nerve there.

Elsewhere Maddie spends most of her free time playing with the cats.  I think she is turning into a crazy cat lady!! Hense why I gave her the cat jumper

Cat playtime

Maddie: I’m not crazy, I was tested.

Dink: I sense ghost.

Ghostly bro

Dink is not wrong.  While Maddie was in the bedroom playing with Dink, Nina was out in the hallway talking to the ghost of her dead brother Lee.  Lee, Nina and her other brother Neil are triplets (thanks to genie intervention during Maddie’s pregnancy).  Lee died while using the philosophers stone to turn a bad apple into gold. I like the golden sparkly ghost. It sparkles with little stars which is not that clear here.  I moved all the graves to a newly created family graveyard not long after this as it was interrupting daily life. It’s a shame his golden form didn’t survive the move from Starlight Shores. I was very disappointed about that. It looked good sitting next to his grave.

Nina: So how’s death treating you?

Lee: Can’t complain, I get to stay young forever

Playing with ghost cats is always acceptable though.  This one is Minnie, she was Maddie’s cat.

ghost cat

Also don’t expect my landscaping to get much better than this!  By the time I am done sorting the inside of the house out I can never by that bothered to do much with the outside space.

The next day Nina had her first amazing show.  It started of with a small audience but soon grew and included Maddie (before she ran off to work) and Sam.  I am quite impressed with my stage design.


Nina: They had better appreciate this, I’m bending over backwards just to please them.

No bad jokes please.


That’s the second time she’s done that without failing.


Maddie: WOOO my daughter is playing with fire!!!


Unfortunately things don’t always go that well and that night the family was burgled and I suddenly notice I forgot to add a burglar alarm.


The thief’s name was Robin Steel which amused me. XD  She only managed to get the TV.  I had one of them call the police but the thief got away.  (This is the only pic I got, lame I know).  It was soon after this that Sam rolled his LTW of Forensic Specialist.

A few things happened after this.


Firstly Phoenix had a little freak out over the whole incident in his parents ensuite bathroom.

Phoenix: OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!

I know, that picture makes it look like you have no legs


Can not do

Secondly several of the family members glitched and could not be reset.  These two refused to go to the plate of food seen on the far counter despite nothing being in the way. The cat in the picture was also refusing to eat the food right in front of him because something was in the way. Maddie’s face is great in this picture.

Maddie: I’m surrounded by idiots.

It’s not that sort of challenge but I see your point.

The only way I could solve this was to move the family to a new house….right across the street.  It is an EA pre-made house but it is awesome!! well it will be when I am finished with it!

Next time there will be a birthday, a new house and other stuff. For now I will leave you with Nina showing you a sneak peak at the new house.


Nina: Can I stop smiling now, my cheeks are killing me.

Sure sweetie


3 thoughts on “Chapter 0.2 Show Time!

  1. I have just found your legacy and I like what i have read so far. Phoenix’s freak out made me laugh! Can’t wait to see Scarlet grow up. I saw the pic of her on your home page she looks a lot like her mother.

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