Chapter 0.1 Meet the family

Hi, Welcome to the Winterton Adoptacy.  This will be my attempt at an Adoptacy. I have chosen a sim I already have to be the founder, she is a member of the Winterton family.  She is part of the last generation of a normal legacy that I didn’t document.  I really like this family so they got chosen for this challenge.

The first few of chapters will be the prologue, watching our founder growing up with her family in Moonlight Falls. I am undecided if she will remain in Moonlight falls or move to another town when she is a YA.

I think it’s about time we meet the family.  Here they are, what a lovely bunch of sims they are.  I am quite proud of this picture since it took me FRICKING AGES to get them all to stay where I wanted them too!!!

Winterton family

From left to right we have Phoenix, Shawn, Maddie, Nina, Scarlet, Richard & Sam.  The three cats in front are Dink, Maya and Rembrant.

Richard: OMG I’m in a legacy!

Everyone else: *ignores*


As you may have already guessed the little red haired girl in front of the group photo is going to be the founder. This is Scarlet Winterton.  Her current traits are Disaplined, Exictable & Family orientated. Her favs are Chineese music, Tofu dog and the colour grey.

Say hi to the readers Scarlet

Scarlet: Hi everybody!

Someone’s been watching too many cartoons.

Scarlet: I’m a kid, it’s what I do.

Scarlet as kid

She doesn’t really do a lot at the moment except play chess and play make believe games like royal court and joyride. This is mainly because I tend to let her do what she wants as other members of the family need more attention.


Scarlet’s mother Nina is in the Acrobat profession (currently level 5) and spends a lot of her time in the various parks around town performing for tips.  This was not the first choice of career for her, she was originally in the professional sports career but after having her first three children in quick succession, including twins she wanted to change to a less demanding career to allow her more time to look after her children.

She’s the first sim I’ve had that’s done that trick and not failed!!

Oldguy: Is that green floaty thing part of the act? I love it! Where can I get one of those?

Just hold still and I will attach one. *gets out master controller*

Oldguy: Actually I think I’ll pass. *flees*

Cowboy in kitchen

This is Richard, Nina’s husband.  He is currently at level 4 in science but doesn’t seem to progress very fast.  He spends most of his time either tending his garden or upgrading the appliances. Having recently reached the adult stage in life he is going through a mid life crisis (hence the crazy cowboy attire!) He has had a few wishes, some of which I will not be granting. He rolled the usual ‘divorce spouse’ and ‘flirt with someone else’ wishes.

Richard: What’s wrong with wanting change?

Nothing, you are just not changing spouse.

Family secret

Some members of the family, Scarlet included are witches/wizards.  This is something that has been passed down through the generations.  Maddie (Nina’s mother) is the most experienced magic user in the family and is constantly rolling wishes to turn sims into toads.  When Maddie isn’t causing havoc with her magic she is cooking the family meals & looking after the cats.  She still works in the music career and is at level 9 in the rock star branch.  She is half way through her progress bar and is working on befriending her colleagues so she can get that final promotion.

Maddie: Time to get rid of that damn paparazzi

Um Maddie, he’s behind you.

Maddie: I knew that.

I am actually pleased to see Maddie so happy with life, she didn’t have the best time of things.  Her mother Idris died when she was still just a toddler shortly after her father had an affair with Idris’ best friend and left.  Maddie was raised by her grandparents.  Maddie married a werewolf named Vito Best and had four children.  Vito cheated on Maddie with Nina’s uni friend and left her. Finally one of Maddie’s sons, Lee died in a tragic accident involving the philosophers stone and is now a gold statue in the graveyard.

Musical Phoenix

Phoenix, the eldest of the four children spends most of his free time working on his LTW of One Sim Band, he currently is at level 4 in both piano and guitar.  The other two boys, Sam and Shawn don’t really do much. Shawn spends most of his free time at the telescope or chess table building logic to help with his future in medicine.  I don’t have any photos of Sam doing anything.  He sometimes plays tag with Scarlet or Chess with Shawn.

Well that’s it, you’ve meet them all.  I will leave it there for now.  Next chapter will include a unexpected visitor, freak outs and Nina’s first sucessful show.  I will leave you with this pic of cat mother/son bonding cuteness.


Author’s note: I would like to add that all hair colours are natural.  Nina’s blue hair comes from her grandmother, Idris (currently in the family graveyard).  Idris had changed her hair colour to blue during her life and I was surprised that it came out in Nina and Sam. It’s cool when sim genetics work like that.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 0.1 Meet the family

  1. Just started reading this. They seem like an interesting family. Scarlet is a cute kid, i am looking forward to reading more when i have chance.

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